An Apple (short animation)

An Apple is an animated short movie I made during a 2D-animation course at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The task was to create something in an info/motion graphic style and to learn After Effects.

It was so much fun to make this short movie as I had a chance to create all the characters and elements on Illustrator.

I kept the style quite simple as I had to get this ready within a deadline of a few weeks (I think I managed quite well, even though my teacher called my idea somewhat ambitious and thought I would not get it ready). I also wanted to have a retro-ish look and used a very minimal colour palette.

The animation ended up being very labourious for the whole family, as I live with a musician who made this animation really come to life with a cool & happy tune. We also have a very cute dog who just happened to know how to play the piano… ;).

This task taught me that I would like to work more with motion graphics and After Effects in the future.

Some character illustrations that I have used in this animation:


An Apple characters