Making of Sigh

After 9 months our animation is finally DONE!

Background: This animation was part of our second year studies at Metropolia University of Applied sciences. There were three teams and our task was to create a 3D-animation per team. Each team had six members + sound designers. My title in the team was Project Manager, but I hope that I was very kind to everyone and didn’t use the whip too much… 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t show you the whole animation yet, but you can watch this making-of video instead.
For the animation I modeled a few props and locations (party and outdoor scenes), things like a trophy, a phone, folders, balloons, boxes, shelves, trashbox + garbage bags, lamps… etc.
I also made some graphic elements like a poster, a logo and different items for the title sequence. So in this making-of video you can see the props & locations I have made and the scenes I have animated.

This whole animation process has been very instructive – I think we all learned something about ups and downs, importance of communication, dedication, coping under stress and dealing with technical problems that were out of our hands.
And after the Summer holiday we are hopefully relaxed and have gathered some energy for our third year’s project as the whole class must create a game in ten weeks!